How To Find Your Deployed Military
Many of you have asked how to contact your deployed son or daughter and in quite a few cases you were not sure if they are deployed or not.  My son John outlined a few steps to help in locating your military person and I made a few modifications to it and we developed a 10 step procedure.

Please let me know if this helps.
--Mike Bardunias

I am going to lay out the plan that I recommend for finding the status of your military son or daughter.

1.     First, do you know what unit he/she is in?

2.    We need a starting point. If you think you might remember it if you see it, then I would recommend checking out the Army Reserve website.

3.    Once you know the website you will be able to call the unit's family readiness group or FRG and ask them.

4.    If for some reason, the unit doesn't have an FRG, (every unit has an FRG) then you can ask the Active Duty Personnel in the unit.

5.    Every unit has Active Duty Personnel work at the unit on a daily basis, even the reserve and National Guard units.

6.    This plan should get you an answer. However, if that fails or you have no idea what reserve unit your son or daughter is in, then I recommend calling, not writing, your local Congressperson.

7.    Writing a letter or email to a Congressperson, in my experience is not only a waste of time but will leave you frustrated and angry.

8.    Call the office of your Congressperson and talk to someone.

9.    Once you explain your situation, I am sure they will help.

10.  If all else fails, post another message.

Hope this helps, John